Social Media Operators Must Understand the Difference Between New Media and Self-media.

In the past two years, new media operations and self-media operations have been in full swing. Companies and individuals have played new media and self-media on the Internet, each leading the way, but some people don’t know what new media operations and self-media operations are? New media operations and What is the difference between self-media operations? How to operate them? Today, I will briefly analyze their relationship with each other, so that everyone has a clear understanding of self-media operations and new media operations.

The difference in definition

Media refers to the media that disseminate information, including: TV, radio, newspapers, weekly (magazines), outdoor media (bus stop advertising spaces), etc. It refers to the tools, channels, carriers, intermediaries or technical means that people use to transmit and obtain information. The media can also be regarded as all technical means to realize the transfer of information from the information source to the trustee. Media has two meanings. One is the object that carries information, and the other is the entity that stores, presents, processes, and transmits information.

I have written “What is New Media Operation” before, so I won’t go into it too much. You can click to read this article.

When the communicators of new media operations are limited to “individuals”, they call it self-media operations, such as personal blogs, ins,twitter, facebook, etc., it can be understood that self-media operations are new media Part of operations. Self-media operation is a special kind of new media operation, which has stricter restrictions on the communicators in the new media operation.

Participants are individuals, not organizations. In media communication, they are based on personal relationships to make themselves spread farther on the Internet. Social media operation is a special form of new media operation, which emphasizes that the receiver changes from everyone to communication based on social networks.

2. Differences in operational thinking

New media operations: New media operations are generally used to create or promote corporate images, and companies generally rely on the company’s official website, mini programs, etc. for promotion.

Self-media operation: The commercial value of self-media operation is very huge. Self-media operation is generally used to create a personal image. It is promoted through the accounts of major self-media platforms. The target group is fans of self-media platforms. Pull into the distance, suck powder.

3. different sources

New media operations: New media operations generally come from large-scale information platforms, novel platforms, etc. The information sources of each platform operated by new media are also different. Some are generated by member management, and some are created by the platform itself.

Self-media operation: The source of self-media operation is from the account manager. All articles and videos from the media are edited and published by the account manager.

4. Differences in income methods

New media operations: The revenue sources of new media operations come from advertising spaces, information fees, etc. New media operations are mainly to give others a platform for information exchange and interaction.

Self-media operation: The income of self-media operation comes from publishing articles and videos on major platforms, and users reading to generate traffic and obtain income.

The difference between the two. First of all, these two actually rely on the support of the Internet, and the self-media operation can basically complete all the tasks that the new media operation can complete. It is also through the initiative to create Internet information and then get users Subscription, new media operation is defined as a new type of network media communication channel, which naturally includes self-media operation. The difference between the two is not big. New media operations are relatively extensive, and self-media operations are biased toward individuals.

Then we have to think about how to position and run new media operations and self-media operations. Usually, the operating ideas of self-media operations are more inclined to output “personal brand value” and revolve around personally created media. The threshold of self-media operation is relatively low, and it is also very suitable for our personal individual platform to promote your brand or your product for free, and then to capture your precise user group, including startups, and it is also very important. The main marketing channels. Then new media operation is to spread more widely, and it needs a certain amount of money to invest. New media operations are suitable for powerful companies to operate and self-media operations are suitable for small companies and individuals to build brands.