Social Media Operations | How to Attract Fans Accurately?

1. New media operation: nickname drainage

is the screen name. This is the easiest and most rude way to drain traffic. Change your nickname to the person you want to drain.

2. New media operation: head portrait drainage

Set the object to be drained as an avatar. The avatar can have contact information, which is allowed in some places. The picture should be named, named as the advertisement you need.

3. New media operation: personalized signature drainage

Signature drainage is also a very good method, direct advertising. Others will know what you do at a glance.

4. New media operation: advocacy drainage

Articles with a certain purpose are soft articles. Among the common network promotion methods of SEO, the conversion rate of soft article promotion is excellent. Of course, this has certain requirements for writing skills.

5. New media operations: video drainage

Video Drainage Before, I did not have a deep concept of video streaming. Nowadays, the video is so popular that I have to pay attention now. There are online live videos, short videos and live broadcast rooms. Each kind of video has its charm. Put different kinds of videos on different platforms.

6. New media operations: comment drainage

Comment drainage is suitable for many platforms. It is best to use the celebrity’s fame to drain the traffic and comment under the celebrity dynamics. Combining the above techniques with oneself, within a few days of reasonable use, you can definitely see the effect.

7. New media operations: social drainage

We can build communities on social platforms like Telegram. Many social platforms now have live or video functions at the same time. In fact, this is more conducive to us to attract traffic. This open volume is higher than that of chat software. Analysis found that the activity drainage effect is better. I also used this trick when doing tasks before, and it really worked.

8. New media operations: manually add friends

Strictly speaking, actively adding people does not count as drainage, but it is best to do this work every day. Although you can’t add a few in a day, it will accumulate every day and the amount will be a lot. It is best to stick to this work, but the premise is accurate data. Otherwise, the traffic you find will not become your customer at all, so it becomes a no return investment.



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