Social Media Operation | Practical Operation Tools Make Operation Work More Efficient and Higher Quality

Digital social media operations attach great importance to the use of tools. Using some operational tools can make our work more efficient and of higher quality. When operating social media, we will at least use keyword research tools, content marketing tools search, and engine ranking tracking tools. Next, FOMO will share some useful social media operation tools.

Keyword research tools

Keyword research tools are the analysis of people’s search volume for a certain keyword over a period of time through big data. In addition, keywords can help your articles or tweets increase the exposure, and some popular keywords will increase the number of views and recommendations for your articles. Therefore, mastering keyword research tools is the basic quality of a social media operator.

1. Answer The Public

The most personalized keyword research tool. Enter keywords and use specific prepositions to generate more new phrases. For example, through prepositions such as can\with\is\to\near\for\without, many related phrases can be analyzed.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest has many different keyword research options. First, it will show how many searches a keyword has made in the past 12 months, so you can see if the keyword has seasonality.
In addition, it extracts keywords from several different sources such as google suggest and its own database, shows you all the keywords ranked by competitors, and provides keyword suggestions based on questions, comparisons and prepositions. It not only allows you to see the competitiveness of a term, but also tells you how many external links the average ranking site contains. This way you know how many links you need to build to get a good ranking.

3. KeywordTool

This is a free long-tail word mining tool that can replace Google Keyword Planner.
The free version of the keyword tool generates up to 750+ long tail keyword suggestions for each search term, which is different from the Keyword Planner or other tools;
Keyword Tool is very reliable because it works 99.99% of the time;
You can use the keyword tool for free, even if you have not created an account;
Support the analysis of keywords of 7 websites including Google, youtube, bing, amazon, and the analysis of long-tail keywords in multiple languages ​​around the world.

4. FAQfox

FAQfox is a good little tool that can find the questions people want to answer based on any specific site you want. For example, you can enter the word “cat” and Quora as the url, and it will show similar questions that people ask on Quora.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Google official tool. You will notice that many other keyword tools have cpc data, but most likely they are extracted from the google keyword planner.

Content marketing tools

If we want more search traffic, content is something we all have to create.

1. Animalz Revive

Have you noticed that your ranking has dropped over time? This is not just because of Google’s algorithm update. In most cases, your old content will not perform as well because it is old. Animalz Revive shows you which content’s rankings are dying over time. Then you know what to focus on. Just look at the ones that have fallen the most and sort them out so you can get more rankings. The cool thing about this tool is that it saves you a lot of time.

2. Content Ideas

UberSuggest has a feature similar to Buzzsumo, but it is 100% free. This is called Content Ideas. All you have to do is enter a keyword or phrase, and it will display all popular blog posts that contain that word. Then, the blog posts are sorted by social shares, backlinks, and search traffic.

3. Portent Title Generator

For every 10 people who see your headline, on average only 2 people will continue to read your content. In other words, the first step in content marketing is the title. If you want to create a good title, then choose: Portent Title Generator. Just insert a keyword or phrase and it will generate many suggestions for you.

4. Title Capitalization Tool

Not sure which letter should be capitalized in your title? Then, Title Capitalization Tool can help you do all this. It doesn’t sound important to you, but if your headline is ignored, people may not click to read your content from SERP results, which will cause search engines to lower your ranking over time. .

Search engine ranking tracking tool

Google Analytics is a great tool that can show your overall traffic, but it will not tell you your ranking. If you want to track your ranking, you need to use some additional tools.

Google Search Console

I know I mentioned this tool above, but Google Search Console is the most unique ranking tracking tool.
Because this tool comes from Google, they can tell you the average position of any page in each country.

2. Search Latte

Just enter a keyword and select the language and country, so you can see all the top 100 websites.
You can then find your website manually and keep track of it to see if you are improving or declining.
You need to combine excel to use Search latte, because you can create a log of your daily ranking.