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How to Write an Original Article Favored by Others?

1. Accumulate inspiration

If you want to write an article, you should at least determine the intention and theme of the article, and then you can conceive the structure of the article. The most important thing is to pay attention to your inspiration. In this way, when writing an article, one can be full of ideas.
You can pay more attention to the news in this field according to your field of creation. For example, you’re in the entertainment business. Generally, you have to look at Twitter every day, roughly browse the tweets of the stars you follow to see if there is a sudden hot spot, or choose an appropriate angle from their tweets to conceive articles. Or pay attention to the recently released movies, TV and variety shows, and choose the films and TV plays with topic degree for interpretation and analysis.

2. Material collection

After having the breakthrough point, it is necessary to collect relevant materials. For example, if you want to write a film, you have to find the relevant information of actors and directors.
There are two ways to collect materials. The first is to use search engines to search. With “Film” as the keyword, a series of search engines such as Baidu, Google and so on are searched one by one, and then go to Zhihu, post bar and forum one by one. This method is usually used by most people to find materials, and it can also find many effective information. However, the disadvantage is that the efficiency is low and the information is too fragmentary There will be a lot of miscellaneous advertising information. The second is to find the database. Similar to Google academic, Scopus, etc. The advantage of these websites is rich content and professional. But relatively speaking, the limitations will be greater. Therefore, you can combine the above two methods to find information.

3.Text organization

You should tell the “story” completely according to your understanding of the material information and your own logical thinking. This is also the key to distinguish you from others’ articles. Everyone’s logical thinking is different, sometimes the angle is the same, maybe the materials are the same, but after your own logical carding, the writing rules are very different. Therefore, this step can not be saved, you must do it yourself. Even if the logic is not perfect, it is your own creation.
If you feel that you can’t write original, you’d better try according to the above ideas. Maybe you will find that what you write is not bad.

How to realize senior pseudo original?

Here are some tips.

1. Integration, the integration of many existing articles on the network into an article. For example, there are many ways to talk about pseudo original, so I collected these articles, and then integrated a pseudo original way encyclopedia.

Attention points of pseudo original

1. When pseudo original, we must pay attention that the title cannot be the same as the original.



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