Self-cultivation of New Media Editors

  1. Learn to distill phenomenon-level public topics instead of chasing hot spots that everyone is following. At that time, “Black Widow” Scarlett Johansson was divorced, and many media were competing to report. Can’t you distill a reason why she divorced twice, and then invite you to make a more universal and resonant chicken soup? What does divorce have to do with everyone? So many lively posts have finished her past and present life. I think you can stand a little higher, punch your fists and knock down a large film, looking for a “link” between this topic and ordinary people.
  2. Know your position. It is really not enough to write only the thing in your head. Compared with FOMO, people with industry insight and cross-industry work experience will write better. Remember, media people are always people who collect and process information to spread a thing according to public needs. It’s not about writing a little bit of what you know in your head.
  3. Don’t be happy with things, not sad with yourself, see the world of all beings. You must have a public heart yourself. Don’t write what you want to write, but write what the society needs. You are going to write what you do n’t understand, but you have to understand them before that. So, write without writing any information. I think you are writing essays, essays, poems, and writing, not writing media articles.
  4. The ability to collect and organize Internet information has become just needed. Finding the user’s pain point, sorting out the Internet materials, and resonating with emotions, FOMO feels that it is really too easy to be a editor of a new media operation!
  5. Value user experience. If you are the post-90s of your special self, you have no feelings and needs of others at all. Very well, you can be an artist.
  6. The mobile Internet reads articles in units of “screens”, not articles. The opening paragraph determines the 60% forwarding rate of the article. If you put the golden sentences, highlights, and other elements that attract people to continue reading the article, they are all in a pile of foot-wrapped text, and people will not find the highlights after reading … Unfortunately, you are not suitable for new media. Data analysis, competitive product analysis, user thinking, and product experience are the basic options for Internet product managers. If you don’t polish these abilities, you will starve to death in the mobile Internet era.
  7. Video and picture processing capabilities are also required. In our traditional media era, the production content cycle is long, and the division of labor is fine, but the new media era has long been different. Now an article can be published quickly in 10 minutes, and it may even be hot in the future. It may even be institutionalized in the future. Within a picture plus a sentence becomes a screen-scraping text. In the field of communication, there is only the boss and no second. Explosive text, just because of the same topic, he posted a few minutes earlier than everyone.




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