Knowing These 10 Tips Will Triple Your Social Media Promotion.

7 min readNov 20, 2020


For marketers, social media is undoubtedly an extremely accurate channel, but also a very low-cost marketing method. Social media is ushering in a new wave of innovation and young new users are influx. Therefore, 92% of marketers believe that social media is their important marketing channel.

The interaction on social media can establish the relationship between customers and the brand, enhance brand loyalty, and promote the brand’s word-of-mouth publicity. This is a more effective means of communication than advertising. However, in the context of social media overflowing with content, today’s audiences have long been numb, so that the user engagement of social media is decreasing year by year. Therefore, brands need to find new ways to actively reach out to the audience instead of passively waiting for them to participate.

And how to mobilize the user’s participation, how to activate the silent fans, here are 10 suggestions that can inspire your new ideas and help you get out of trouble.

1. Carefully plan daily content

There is an old saying: “If you don’t plan, then you will fail.”
A forward-looking plan can help you complete one thing smoothly. When doing social media, it is the same. Don’t think about what to post every day. This aimless operation method will make you lose your charm on the social media platform.

You must plan for yourself a complete daily content update plan, whether through a content calendar or similar tools, and you must ensure that the content you publish on social media is consistent and timely.

2. Content combined with popular events

Social media content combined with hot topics is easy to attract fans. Fans will also look forward to seeing your views on some hot events. This is the best catalyst for enhancing interactive communication. Don’t stick to traditional holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. You can consider some interesting holidays, such as Star Wars Day or National Puppy Day. These holidays are more interesting and have more content to share.

3. Actively respond to comments and information

The key to successful social media engagement is to build long-term, meaningful relationships with your audience.

What the audience really desires is responsive dialogue and interaction. Although as many as 65% of brands have social media accounts, they are usually one-way advertising-they use social as a megaphone, not a walkie-talkie.
Social media promotion is one of the most effective methods in new marketing. If brands don’t respond to reviews or messages, their true message is: “We don’t really care about you.”

Solution: Talk to your audience sincerely.

If done well, this may have a knock-on effect, increase the organic influence of posts, increase the push of information flow, obtain higher audience participation, and so on.

Respond to as many comments as possible quickly and consistently, and try not to use “copy and paste” to reply. For private information, a unified standard answer is acceptable, but when you post exactly the same content one after another in public comments, it may look a bit bad.

4. Shaping the iconic tone

Tonal is a topic that many new media operators like to mention, and this also applies to social media marketing.

Tone is to shape the unique “character” you show to users. People will judge the brand “character” based on the way you interact on social media and understand your social media brand positioning.

In fact, people often do not pay attention to a brand because of lack of features, or because they use slang and jargon that do not match their brand positioning.

So, whether you are a fashionable and lively brand like Wendy’s (a fast food chain in the United States) or an optimistic and strong brand like Starbucks Coffee, recognize your brand positioning and don’t be afraid to show your personality.

In addition, occasionally try to reply to comments and messages with GIFs or emoticons-this is a very simple way to add fun to your page.

This will make your audience more enthusiastic about participating in the interaction, because they will expect your response.

5. pictures are more important than words

Now is the era of reading pictures. This is a commonly accepted view. Therefore, in your social media, pictures must be more important than words, because no one wants to see you use long words to post content, and pictures, even if they are A simple but interesting emoticon may get countless likes.

But if you understand this as social media marketing means posting more pictures, then you are very wrong.

More pictures can only bring the possibility of attracting more attention in the future, and to lock the user’s critical eyes on your content, you also need to test the quality of your pictures. Generally speaking, most attractive picture content It has the characteristics of high-definition, interesting, simple composition, and layered colors. When choosing pictures, they must be matched with topics. This is an aesthetic test.

6. Seek user feedback

Feel the need to do a focus group for user research? In fact, you have the best research object at hand.

Ask your followers on social media about their feedback on your product or service, and respond to each of their comments (especially negative comments).
Start a conversation on a hot topic and ask them if they want to see answers to those questions in the next blog post or webinar.
Ask them how to deal with certain challenges, or what is their best experience on a certain product or platform (this is a good way for some people who study user experience).
Or, start a poll for fun. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have all set up voting functions.
The more you know your audience, the easier it is to ask good questions and post better content. The interactive participation of social media needs to shift from getting likes, sharing and comments to establishing real connections with consumers.

7. Express your demands straightforwardly (advertising content)

To put it bluntly to do social media marketing is to advertise to your fans. This is a very risky move. 66% of viewers will feel cheated when they realize that they are tempted to read paid or sponsored content. This will ruin your previous sales. Accumulated favorability.

If you want to publish advertising content freely on social media, but don’t want to offend your fans because of this, the compromise is: openly and openly state from the beginning whether the content you want to publish is purposeful.

Users may not like your content, but when you use clear vocabulary like “download”, “follow” or “repost”, this can increase participation by 23 times compared with articles that are not clearly stated. This is Friendly feedback from users on your sincere actions.

Therefore, if you publish an article directly, your audience may be more willing to interact with your article, and this can clearly express your appeal. .

8. Release UGC (User Production Content)

There are many benefits to using user-generated content, the most important of which is increased user engagement on social media.

Fans like to be recognized by their favorite brands, and posting user-generated content is a great way to strengthen your community and engage your consumers in conversations.

Don’t believe us? Look at the Burger King’s “InstaWhopper” campaign that issued 34675 coupons in 3 hours, or look at Nike’s “AIRMAXLINE” campaign that brought more than 15 million participations, these are all spontaneous participation of users.

9. Try different content formats

Each blog post will get different feedback in different audiences.

The video may leave a deeper impression on the audience, but they will not necessarily participate in the interaction, because the audience is more likely to see it as a performance rather than a dialogue.
Similarly, for a technology-related social media audience, the attention may be on important infographics, rather than lively GIF animations.

A good strategy is to try various content or formats-news, citations, humorous content, research, videos, pictures, infographics, etc. Analyze which form is effective, and then adjust your page style accordingly.

10. Listen to the needs of the audience

Why social listening is so important, because you need to understand the reaction of your target audience, not just focus on what you want to post.
Social media interaction is an investment in long-term relationships and is used to build interpersonal relationships, so it needs to follow certain principles like any other social relationship-be a good listener, treat people sincerely, be consistent, but also Adjust and change from time to time.

In return, you can better understand your customers, which will help you provide better products or better services, both of which are key components of your business.

It takes time to build relationships, so if your audience’s engagement doesn’t rise quickly overnight, don’t be discouraged, you can adjust your strategy at any time.