In-depth Interpretation of Social Media Operations

According to the content of the operation, the operation can be divided into content operation, activity operation and user operation. Different products, due to their different product models, stages and profit methods, the company’s focus on these three operations will be different However, there is no doubt that although these three operations are different, they are all interlinked. A good operator should have achievements in all three areas. The common purpose of operation is to innovate, promote, and retain, so that the product can maintain continuous vitality.

1. Content operation

Common content-driven typical products are websites, communities, BBS, etc., and the content includes UGC and PGC. The so-called UGC, that is, User generated content, is content generated spontaneously by users. Medium, CSDN, Twitter, and even the popular blogs in the early years belong to the category of UGC. PGC, which is Professionally generated content, is officially generated content. Compared with UGC, the content quality is generally higher and the professionalism is stronger, such as the official accounts of major corporate media, industry detection and analysis websites, etc.

The responsibilities of content operations in products include quality content screening, content classification and labeling, content selection and compilation, and so on. The KPI indicators for content operation assessment include the number of articles read, forwarding rate, the number of original articles, the number of articles per month plus fine tags, etc. A good content operation must have the ability to select and write good articles, be able to grasp the user’s reading psychology, be good at mining the topics that the user is interested in, and for UGC products should also be able to guide users to produce more high-quality content.

2.Activity operation

Strictly speaking, there is no fixed type of product that is content-driven. Most product operation processes include the planning and execution of many activities. Common activities include marketing activities (including hot event marketing, holiday marketing, topic activities), Online and offline lecture salons, etc. An event is often a powerful way to build momentum for a product or brand. A good event can bring a wide range of exposure to the product and a large number of new users.

The content of the work undertaken by the event operation includes the planning and execution of the activity plan. It must have a good copywriting skills and a cognition of the user’s psychology. It must know what kind of activity form can effectively attract what kind of user group, and which channels can promote themselves Activities, how to assess and control the budget, what kind of problems may arise, how to avoid risks, etc., to maximize the effectiveness of the activities. KPI includes UV, number of participants, conversion rate, etc.

3.User operation

The human-centered operation method is common in the UGC (User Generated Content, user-generated content) community. It is a method of operation that is close to the user, unites the user, and guides the user. In fact, you will find that the website operators are very willing to communicate with users, tease, chat, gossip, sometimes you can’t tell whether this is a user or an official staff. In the early days of a product, the active use and intervention of the operators themselves are very important.

E-commerce, O2O, and community are the most typical types of products where user operations account for most. Including e-commerce and O2O common push (including SMS, e-mail, message center in the APP, etc.), the community’s common user growth system formulation and KOL (Key Opinion Leader, key opinion leader) creation, etc. KPIs include message reach rate, retention at each stage, conversion rate, KOL task completion indicators, etc.

Other common types of operations are data operations (mainly providing data support for products, including monitoring and analysis of various data, tools and languages to be mastered from excel to R, SPSS, Python, and high technical requirements), SEO (Search engine optimization, commonly used in websites and e-commerce, to improve the search ranking of websites or products), ASO (Appstore search engine optimization, improve search keyword coverage and APP search ranking, and thus improve product exposure and Downloads), etc.

We are in the information age, and the Internet has become an important means of information dissemination. Social media operations are of great value to a company. Almost all companies have operating departments. Tell FOMO your questions about operations? we study together.

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