How to Do Content Operation Well ?

Most social media operators now belong to a certain company, which means that real products are their starting point for writing articles, but for those service-oriented companies, they have virtual products. In this case, the content of the article is its product! Therefore, operators who do not understand content marketing are not good workers.

Definition of content operation

Content operation refers to the operator’s use of new media channels to present corporate information to users in a friendly manner in the form of text, pictures, or videos, and to stimulate the complete operation process of user participation, sharing and dissemination.

Content in content operation has two meanings: First, it refers to the form of content. Digital content such as articles, posters, videos, or audio that users see through the Internet via mobile phones or computers. Second, content refers to content channels. Internet content users browse generally comes from content channels such as Medium, Twitter, portals, and news applications. Corresponding operators should also lay out content in corresponding content channels and match the user’s browsing habits.

Seven core links of content operation

(1) Topic selection planning: The first link of new media operation is to plan the topic selection, plan out the main content form, content topic selection, etc. of the next stage, and make a schedule as the general content operation outline for the next stage .

(2) Content planning: “topic planning” is for staged content design, while “content planning” is for more specific content design, which also solves the following important issues:

What is the purpose of making this content?
Where is the content delivery channel?
Who are the users of this channel?
How long is the content production cycle?
How to design the theme and style of the content?

(3) Form creativity: After determining the content, it is necessary to design novel and creative forms of expression based on the corporate tone, user habits, channel characteristics, and competing product content to complete the presentation of the content.

(4) Material sorting: After the content format is finalized, materials need to be collected and sorted. The materials include internal materials such as: product maps, product concepts, activity processes, internal data, etc., and industry materials include: industry data, industry news, Internet public opinion, recent hot spots, etc.

(5) Content editing: Create articles, posters, H5, videos and other content based on the execution results of the above steps.

(6) Content optimization: After the content editing work is completed, testing, feedback and optimization are required. If the conversion rate is low or the feedback is not good, the content needs to be optimized and adjusted.

(7) Content dissemination: Design dissemination mode and content that is convenient for dissemination, and guide fans to forward the content to more platforms.

Increase user conversion rate

Good content refers to new media content that introduces and describes products such as commercial details, soft articles, hard broadcasts, etc., which attract users to consume and form converted new media. Operators can start with six elements to optimize the content of the conversion page and increase the conversion rate. These six elements include concise introduction, scenario design, specific parameters, generating trust, paying incentives, and rest assured after-sales.

(1) Concise introduction: explain the intention of this article or page in the most concise language at the beginning.

(2) Product trust: Put users’ praise to strengthen users’ trust.

(3) Scene design: Appropriately design user scenes to increase the sense of substitution and impress users.

(4) Specific parameters: Describe specific parameters and impress consumers with objective facts.

(5) Paid incentives: Reasons for paying users.

(6)rest assured after-sales: including after-sales policies to reduce customer worries.

Optimize operation effect

Remember that high-quality content will never lack the market, so the following points should be made in the selection of content:

(1) Distinctive features

High recognition is the first step of IP. Every successful IP has its own style, such as “PAPI sauce” and “Almighty singer Feng Timo”. These recognitions are very high, so create some Your own style is especially important and is the foundation of successful content.

(2) Seize demand and industry intersections

I believe that everyone’s essence is to be competitive, so people are willing to pay attention to and remember the first place, so there will be a blue ocean in every field. What we have to do is to grasp the intersection of shortcomings and industry. And continue to output content.

(3) Choose a precise audience

There are many types of content, including graphics, video, audio, etc., and different types correspond to different content.

For example, entertainment content is more biased towards video, and academic content is more biased towards graphics and text, so determine the type of content according to your own products.

(4) Start from the root

We must clarify the target of the audience, and then proceed from the root cause, choose the content tags that audiences like and care about. Only by precise positioning can we find the content that users really like and need, and output audience care according to the audience’s real needs. Content, and to derive value-added services for them.

(5) Topic selection planning

Since each person’s audience is different, the release time, title, and layout are also different. Choose the appropriate time period according to your own content.

For example, food-related self-media will choose to publish in the afternoon, because office workers will start to consider the choice of dinner during this time, and then he will watch your video at this time.

Then, fashion and entertainment self-media will choose to publish at 9 o’clock in the evening. During this time, people will be in a relaxed state and will pay attention to the videos we publish. Those with logical thinking will choose to publish earlier. Time to publish.

These principles are based on the selection and positioning of the audience according to their living habits. Therefore, you can also choose the release time according to your recent content and find the most suitable time to create your own IP.

That ’s all for today.

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