Can You Really Engage in New Media Operations Without Experience?

Can you really engage in new media operations without experience? What kind of certificate do I need to take to work in new media? Really good operating personnel need a long time to accumulate and explore, but this does not prevent you from getting started with zero experience.

The threshold for entry is not high for new media operations. After all, we are all living in the age of new media, and daily surfing on Twitter and INS is already the norm.

From a cognitive perspective, new media operations, unlike industries such as finance and medicine, have high technical and professional barriers, so whether they have experience is not the most critical.But in fact, it is precisely because there is not too high a threshold, and there are not enough barriers. If we want to develop in this industry, we will fight for personal ability. Anyone can come, it means that it is very difficult to do well.

The key to this question is actually: What kind of talents can do new media operations? As stated before, the operation of new media is actually a threshold-free and suitable for occupations without experience.

Many people’s achievements are due to the abilities conferred under the platform of large companies. It really makes them at a loss without resources and budget. In FOMO’s view, to become a successful new media operation, you need to have the following characteristics:

❶ Attention to detail & patience

There is currently no process and standardization of operations, so no one will tell you how to make the most of the details in every aspect of the work.

The details often touch one person the most, and the purpose of social media operations is to impress people. Therefore, if you want to do a good job in operation, details must be handled. For example, the same article is pushed to different people. People who pay attention to details will notice the line spacing of each paragraph, whether the size of the picture in the text is uniform, or even each punctuation mark; but the result-oriented person will automatically Ignore these details, as long as the article is pushed out.

❷ Fashionable

A mature new media operation must be fashionable, knowing the interests of fans, rather than making a car behind closed doors, or doing an activity to hi.
If you can’t keep up with the fans, you will be eliminated. Because there are too many operations, there are overwhelming information on the Internet, and if you do not make progress, you will be stepping back.

❸ Practical, pragmatic, high enough, and strong in execution

The job of new media operation is a job with high input but can not see the output immediately, it is a job with a lot of accumulation.

If you are too concerned about the completion of the company’s internal KPI, if your goal is only promotion and salary increase, to some extent, you can’t do new media operations well.

Because any data index can be completed by means of quick success, but behind this model, it does not represent the user’s conversion, but just squeezes his nose to coax his eyes and waste his time.

To be a new media operator, get used to a life without applause and encouragement.

❹ Flexible thinking, keep curious

To be a new media operation, you must have the motivation to learn constantly, to maintain a curiosity about all fresh affairs, if your thinking is divergent, or even jumping, so that you will not “exhaust”.
An interesting soul often makes people more impressed. If you want others to remember you, you must be creative.

❺ Capable of data analysis

Nowadays, the operation of fans is the king of new media operations. By analyzing the data of fans, you can understand what the fans really want to see, instead of making a decision on the forehead. That is not enough.
Data analysis can use some software or BOT. For example, for public opinion analysis, you can analyze the active time and topics of the community through Bot. These are your weapons for further control of the community.

❻ Passionate

This is very important. As a new media operation, you have to maintain a high degree of sensitivity to hotspots and constantly update the industry’s knowledge of the professional and platform. These 8 hours of work are obviously not enough. Usually, you need to pay More extra time and energy.
If you are just trying to get the job done, it will be difficult for you to make grades. Operations that do not achieve results are invalid, and the significance of the work you do is very small.

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