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For strategy formulation and product design, collecting a variety of user data is very valuable, but sometimes you will ignore the real people behind the statistics.

Therefore, by creating user portraits, you can make your users more real. User portraits are fictional characters that can represent the needs of the entire real user. By assigning a character’s face and name, you re-associate the scattered data obtained during user surveys and user segmentation. User portraits can help you ensure that users are always in mind during the entire design process.

This article discusses the experience with you from three aspects: the…

Those who are new to operations will definitely encounter many unexpected bottlenecks. From many questions, FOMO chose three more representative questions:1. I don’t understand the essence of operation, which is confusing for appearance; 2. I don’t have the idea of ​​independent operation; 3. I am confused about how to choose the direction of further operation.

Based on the above questions, FOMO has prepared the following four solutions for operators.

1. Understand the Internet business model, which is the basis for understanding the nature of operations.
2. Understand the operational logic of operations
3. Have the idea to independently carry out operations
4. Follow-up…

All social media relies on platform rules. Familiar with the rules, you can quickly gain followers, but the premise of achieving this is that you have good content that meets the tastes of users.
FOMO summarized the three-step method of precise drainage, shared with you, and wanted to help you.


The so-called positioning is to determine the position in the user’s mind, so that the user will remember you for the first time, which is divided into user positioning and product positioning.

User positioning

That is, determine your target user group and make a user portrait. The dimensions of the…

For marketers, social media is undoubtedly an extremely accurate channel, but also a very low-cost marketing method. Social media is ushering in a new wave of innovation and young new users are influx. Therefore, 92% of marketers believe that social media is their important marketing channel.

The interaction on social media can establish the relationship between customers and the brand, enhance brand loyalty, and promote the brand’s word-of-mouth publicity. This is a more effective means of communication than advertising. However, in the context of social media overflowing with content, today’s audiences have long been numb, so that the user engagement…

In the past two years, new media operations and self-media operations have been in full swing. Companies and individuals have played new media and self-media on the Internet, each leading the way, but some people don’t know what new media operations and self-media operations are? New media operations and What is the difference between self-media operations? How to operate them? Today, I will briefly analyze their relationship with each other, so that everyone has a clear understanding of self-media operations and new media operations.

The difference in definition

1. What is the media?

Media refers to the media that disseminate information, including: TV, radio…

Since the 1980s, the term “data” has been an important term in the Internet industry. As people pay more and more attention to the digital field, how to manage data becomes very important (especially when considering the amount of data that needs to be stored and analyzed). Big data can handle large and complex problems that traditional data processing tools cannot solve.

According to different sources, big data is composed of data from inside and outside the company. These data are excellent tools for continuous analysis and strategy formulation. …

Understanding the consumer’s psychology can better attract users’ attention. The following is an analysis of the consumption behavior of major consumers in the post-80s market. I hope everyone can make a good corporate marketing plan after understanding consumer behavior. In the second half of the article, we also gave the corporate marketing strategy.

1. Impulse to consume

The advantage of the only child + the influence of the market economy + the propaganda of the commercial media makes the consumption desire of the “post-80s” far greater than their consumption power. Under the premise of good income expectations and not heavy economic pressure, the “post-80s”…

When operating new media, have you ever been troubled by such questions: how do you attract traffic? How do you attract readers, how do you attract interested customers? If you always feel helpless facing these problems, teach you new media today The most common drainage method of operation will help you detonate new media operation accounts.

1. New media operation: nickname drainage

is the screen name. This is the easiest and most rude way to drain traffic. Change your nickname to the person you want to drain.

2. New media operation: head portrait drainage

Set the object to be drained as an avatar. The avatar can have contact information, which is allowed in…

Digital social media operations attach great importance to the use of tools. Using some operational tools can make our work more efficient and of higher quality. When operating social media, we will at least use keyword research tools, content marketing tools search, and engine ranking tracking tools. Next, FOMO will share some useful social media operation tools.

Keyword research tools

Keyword research tools are the analysis of people’s search volume for a certain keyword over a period of time through big data. In addition, keywords can help your articles or tweets increase the exposure, and some popular keywords will increase the number of…

The theoretical knowledge of new media operations includes the knowledge of the three systems of marketing, psychology, and communication.

User research is actually a big concept. There are already many mature methods in the field of user research that are used in various stages of the product life cycle to help products better understand users and find product development directions. This article will talk about how user research can better empower operations from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives.

How to help operations better carry out their work through user research? Which psychological needs of users can be grasped to better…

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