5 Twitter Operating Tips You Must Know

In the last article that FOMO shared with you, we learned the basic data of various social media. As one of the top social media, Twitter has a large user base. I have to say that social media provides great opportunities for marketing and promotion activities. For the development of any foreign trade company, stable and broad customer resources will be an important support for its long-term development. Therefore, we must not give up the expansion and accumulation of customer resources at any time. To further accumulate customer resources, it is very important to learn and apply various social media.

The biggest feature of this social media is that it can be combined with our communication tools to send pictures to our mobile phones. How to use Twitter for marketing promotion? FOMO will share with you some tips on Twitter operation promotion. (Follow FOMO for more practical operational skills)

Tip 1: Use links in tweets in a proper amount.

Because twitter can only edit 140 characters at a time, it is a very common form to share content with links. For example, we can share articles on medium to twitter accounts. (follow FOMO’s official twitter and interact with us. https://twitter.com/FomoAdv )

However, according to the actual application statistics, there are fewer connections placed in the tweet, which is more conducive to our interaction and communication with fans. First of all, we should gain a sense of trust, actively interact with each other, and strive to establish a solid trust relationship. Under the guidance of this trust relationship, our tweet link information will be more valuable to them.

Tip 2:Be good at using “#” label.

The function of tags is actually a classification. We can classify our content through tags. This will make it easier for others to find us. For example, FOMO’s articles today are about social media operations, so when forwarding, we can classify our articles by adding the label “#social media marketing”. Of course, tags can be added and multiple, you can add some more popular tags to improve your popularity.
Through the correct use of the label, we can improve our connection with fans and strive for a higher degree of attention. We can use some tagging tools, namely and rite tag. The first one is to find the right tag. We can observe the heat and rank of the tag, so as to determine a good tag. The latter represents the strength of each tag’s Association by color.

Tip 3: Post a tweet with pictures.

Why tweet with pictures? Because people tend to focus on more interesting articles, pictures can add interest to your tweets. But please be careful not to add at will. The standard of adding pictures is to match your articles, which will make your articles and pictures blend naturally.
Generally, pictures and texts will be more popular and attract more attention. Select the pictures with heat, grasp the timeliness of the pictures, and play a good role in the drainage of the pictures.

Tip4:make good use of Twitter Search function.

There are thousands of information updating every day. We need to use keyword search to search for information. Often the most timely information is at the top. Therefore, we should improve timeliness and advance with the times, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of our operation and promotion, and develop twitter into an important position of our product marketing promotion.

Tip5:Make full use of celebrity effect.

People are often interested in hot topics, so as a social media operator, we should keep up with the pace of the times and not miss the opportunity. Take advantage of the popularity of celebrities to lay a good foundation for their own promotion and marketing.

We usually call this kind of behavior “rubbing heat”, but FOMO thinks it’s a matter of killing two birds with one stone. It not only improves our exposure, but also creates a kind of fame for celebrities to some extent.

That ’s all for today.

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